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These are frequently ask question about our entire process

  • Is this real plating?

Yes, this is real plating. This isn't vacuum metalizing, or spray on chrome, this is a chemical and electrical process. 

  • How long does it last?

The process is no different than metal plating and will last up to 10+ years if properly maintained.

  • What materials can be plated?

Almost all materials can be plated, this includes plastic, epoxy, ABS, pot-metal, steel, metal, etc!

  • What finishes do you offer?

We offer mirror finish Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Brass, and 24K Gold​. These are the only finishes we offer

  • Why are you sending me photos of my parts in copper? I wanted Chrome?

Copper is an essential part of the plating process which builds heat resistance ​and other protective properties. It is just one step of the process and we like to ensure that customers are aware of the process their parts are being put through.

  • Why did I receive the quote that I did?

Our prices come from the cost of metal solutions, labor, materials and shipping and handling. Estimates are given based on the current metal and chemical markets. Plastic pieces are more costly due to the proprietary process we use that allows us to plate on non-conductive surfaces in a custom manner.

  • Why are my parts being delayed?

Unfortunately, custom plating is not a stream line process. We are a shop that takes a plethora of different parts that have unique shapes, sizes, weights, materials, etc. Each part requires special attention and its own process. This involves repair, stripping, custom contact points, etc. With this in mind, there are many areas where processes can stain or blister. This means the process can be halted and continued multiple times for a part. Please give us time to work with your part and provide the proper processes to ensure the highest quality finish


  • My part has imperfections, why is that?

Our process is a real, chemical process. It is impossible for parts to be perfect! Please do not expect parts to be completely perfect, flat, and devoid of any and all imperfections. These imperfections are almost always found on the back side of parts, where our anodes do not directly face. Often times this means loss of contact in places where the part will not be seen, for example -- on the back side of a car grill. Rarely do these imperfections occur on the visible side of any parts. 


Metal Fusion Plating (MFP) is not responsible for the damage of parts while in our possession. Pre-plated parts that we must strip are often found to be broken underneath the plating, these damages occur before we are in possession of any parts. As the shape of any part becomes more complex (more ridges, twists, corners, crevices, etc) the more difficult it is in all steps of the plating process. This increases chances of blistering, flaking during the plating process thus slowing down the overal completion time. Any and all large imperfections, stains, blistering and flaking means we have to start the plating process from scratch. All parts will be inspected to ensure accurate descriptions of material type and quality.We are not responsible for any damages that occur to any parts.  Plating is extremely unpredictable -- as such, all timelines, time estimates and turn around times are only estimates and are not true, set-in-stone timelines. Extra repairs not previously discussed can cause delays; the plating process does fix anything, that is extra work that we need to be notified of. Always ship parts disassembled as much as they can be or else this can delay our own process as we have to disassemble them ourselves. All estimates for jobs given before we are in possession of your parts are not confirmed until we receive said parts and ensure that they are the accurate size, shape, material and quality -- all of which can change our entire planned process.

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