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We offer chrome exchange on the following parts:

  • 75"-76" Chevrolet Caprice (front light bezels and grills)

  • Hayabusa upper and lower body panels 


Click here to learn about our plating process

Chrome Exchange

Chrome Exchange is a service we offer for commonly asked parts that we keep an inventory of. We have our inventory already plated so there is no waiting involved for the parts to be finished. Listed below is a step by step process of how this process goes and what you can expect!

1. Ask us about our current inventory and what we have ready to go. You can do this via our email: or call us at 940-276-0034. We will let you know a lead time, price and guide you through this process.

2. Send in your parts so that we can confirm that they are eligible for chrome exchange. Some things that may cause us to reject a part would be cracks, damages and any quality issues. Additional charges may be required for damaged parts that we take for chrome exchange.

3.  Once your parts have been approved and you have paid the invoice we will package and send our parts to you! 

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