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When shipping parts 

  • Please include all quotes or estimates given along with email, return address and phone number

  • Quotes or estimates do not include return shipping 

  • Turnaround Times 3 to 4 weeks not guaranteed 

  • Quotes are not set-in-stone until we receive the parts to ensure size, quality, material and any other extra work that may be necessary 

Base materials
3D printing materials
: All 3D printing materials can be chromed, 24k Gold, Brass, Nickel and Coppered Plated. Please call for any additional information on your projects.

Pot metal or also known as Diecast zinc : Is a very difficult metal to chrome plate as it requires a base pre-coating of cyanide brass or copper . Some other additional elements found in pot metal are zinc, iron, cadmium, and magnesium this makes the metal very sensitive to direct plating on any acid plating baths.


Aluminum: There are different kinds of aluminum, cast, forge, billet all these require a precoating of Zincate as aluminum cannot be plating directly onto acid Copper or bright Nickel Bath.

Steel: Steel is the easiest to chrome plate as it can directly be plating on bright nickel and then chromed,  adding a copper  layer then polishing before nickel will add longevity to coating.


Nonconductive Materials: Carbon Fiber, Epoxies, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Hard Rubber, there hasn't been any material we haven't been able to chrome or electroplate.




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