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Our Warranty

Elevate the longevity and resilience of your plated parts with our Copper-Enhanced Plating Option, boasting a 5-year warranty against blistering, flaking, and peeling. Our meticulous process involves applying a protective layer of copper beneath the nickel and chrome coatings, creating a triple-layered shield. Benefit from the superior conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper, ensuring enduring protection and a premium aesthetic for your components backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Image by Ilze Lucero

Copper Layer

Copper ensures a higher quality adhesion  for plating and raises the overall quality of any project. All parts plated with a copper layer have a 5 year warranty against peeling and blistering. 

Image by Etienne Martin

Metal Job?

Metal jobs will be offered two different prices. One reflects plating without copper at a reduced price without our warranty and one reflects plating with copper with our warranty


Without Copper:

Copper-Enhanced Plating Option (5-Year Warranty):


Elevate the durability and aesthetic appeal of your plated parts with our Copper-Enhanced Plating Option, backed by a robust 5-year warranty against blistering, flaking, and peeling. This premium service involves a meticulous process where a layer of copper is applied beneath the nickel and chrome coatings. The inclusion of copper not only enhances the overall quality but significantly contributes to the longevity of the plated part.


Copper, known for its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, acts as a reliable barrier against environmental elements, preventing oxidation and ensuring enduring protection for your components. The synergy of copper with nickel and chrome creates a triple-layered shield, providing unparalleled resistance to wear, corrosion, and mechanical stress. Opt for our Copper-Enhanced Plating Option to experience a higher standard of quality and enjoy the confidence of a 5-year warranty.

No Copper Option (No Warranty, Available for Metal Plating Only):


For a more economical choice in metal plating, consider our No Copper Option, specifically tailored for those who prioritize a sleek finish without the added copper layer. This option, available exclusively for metal plating, involves a dual-layer application of nickel and chrome, providing a classic and durable coating.


It's essential to note that the No Copper Option comes without a warranty, as it lacks the additional protective benefits offered by copper. While still ensuring a brilliant finish and resistance to corrosion, this option is best suited for applications where a shorter-term aesthetic enhancement is the primary focus.


Choose the No Copper Option for a cost-effective metal plating solution, offering the timeless combination of nickel and chrome, perfect for projects where the emphasis lies on the polished appearance rather than extended durability.

General Disclaimer:

Metal Fusion Plating (MFP) has the ability to alter, change or void any and all policies listed in this agreement or as stated in MFP’s website, in-person documents, etc. All policies stated in this document or anywhere else within MFP’s domain (including website, in-person documents, etc) are valid and apply to this contract and its policies. As the shape of any part becomes more complex (more ridges, twists, corners, crevices, etc) the more difficult it is in all steps of the plating process. This increases chances of blistering, flaking during the plating process thus slowing down the overall completion time. Any and all large imperfections, stains, blistering and flaking means Metal Fusion Plating (MFP) has to start the plating process from scratch. All parts will be inspected to ensure accurate descriptions of material type and quality. Plating is extremely unpredictable -- as such, all timelines, time estimates and turn around times are only estimates and are not true, set-in-stone timelines. MFP is not responsible if the customer experiences issues installing a part after the plating process. Plating creates thickness in parts. This can result in tabs becoming brittle. All customers are responsible for the installation process and MFP bears no responsibility on whether or not a part fits after the plating process. Extra repairs not previously discussed can cause delays; the plating process does fix anything, that is extra work that MFP need to be notified of. Always ship parts disassembled as much as they can be or else this can delay our own process as we have to disassemble them ourselves. All estimates for jobs given before MFP are in possession of your parts are not confirmed until MFP receive said parts and ensure that they are the accurate size, shape, material and quality -- all of which can change our entire planned process. Customers are responsible for shipping costs to and from our location. MFP is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping of the parts. Plating is a process that alters parts. As such, MFP is not responsible for changes, alterations or damages to parts. Customer’s cannot expect parts to be returned as they were originally given if requested to be returned during the plating process. By agreeing to a job and the plating process you are relinquishing MFP of any liability for alterations to your part. 

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