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The Chrome Plating Process



This stage includes prep which can entail many different processes such as etching, paint removal, plating removal, disassembly, etc. 


Copper Polish

This process involves sanding, polishing and grinding of the excess copper. Polishing must be done correctly and as perfect as possible. This is where imperfections are removed and the part gains its mirror finish. The more curves and crevices a part has the longer it takes to polish properly.



Finally we chrome the nickel layer - resulting in our bright, mirror finish chrome!


Copper Plating

Once the part is prepped we will rack the park and move into the acid copper plating (in plastic plastic this step will be preceded by our conductive process) . A part can spend anywhere from 8-12 hours in the copper tank.



Nickel is the most sensitive plating stage - ANY

dirt/imperfections must be corrected before nickel

I needed two rare tail light chrome trim rings re-plated as they had two horizontal bars I had to remove. They did not line up with my aftermarket LED tails. After I trimmed them off, I sanded it best I could, but it had nibs. Roman assured me they would would fill it and it would be smooth. WOW! Blown away at the incredible job they did. I used to build show bikes in the 90s, and I know a good chrome job takes time to get that smooth as butter look and feel...they nailed it! It has a nicer heft to it as I'm sure they used a lot of copper to get that base filled and smooth before final plating. They obviously take pride in doing a great job. It did take longer than estimated, but he kept me informed with updates. Totally worth the wait! I'm so glad I found Metal Fusion for my plastic chrome needs, not too many will work with plastic I found out. Highly recommended! Thanks guys!
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Robb Walters

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