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Sandblasting is a versatile technique that uses high-speed abrasives to clean, reshape, or prepare surfaces. It effectively removes contaminants, rust, old coatings, and imperfections from various materials, including metals and concrete. Widely applied in industries like automotive, construction, and manufacturing, sandblasting is pivotal for surface preparation, restoration, and metal polishing. Its precision and adaptability make it a valuable tool for rejuvenating and transforming surfaces in various fields. Below you can see a video of us sandblasting a rusty wrench.


Metal polishing is a surface finishing process that enhances the appearance and functionality of metal surfaces by removing imperfections, oxidation, and contaminants. It typically involves using abrasive materials and polishing compounds to smooth and shine the metal, resulting in a mirror-like or satin finish. This process not only improves aesthetics but also enhances corrosion resistance and durability. Metal polishing is commonly employed in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, jewelry, and manufacturing, to achieve high-quality, gleaming metal surfaces for both decorative and functional purposes.

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