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Get to Know Us

Metal Fusion Plating began was established in 2008. After years of working in the computer chip industry, Dennis (our founder) discovered a passion for plating and had developed the skills and knowledge to pursue a new form of plating: Custom plating on plastic. Through endless of trial and error and chemical testing, he had finally cracked the code for quality, efficient plating on not just plastics, but any non-conductive material.

This story has led us to where we are now, in Ponder, Texas. After years in Florida, Dennis decided it was not the right place for his business. One long and expensive move later, he arrived in Texas. We've faced obstacles, road blocks, and tribulations however that didn't stop us in the past and it won't stop us now. That is what our company has been built on, and what drives us moving forward. The journey continues everyday, and we hope we can be of help to yours in the way we know best; plating.

Why Choose Us?

Metal Fusion Plating is one of the only plating shops in America to offer custom plastic plating. We are among the few that offer plastic platingl. Of course, that isn't meant to downplay our metal plating. Truthfully, there isn't much we can't plate. Whether it be metal, plastic, pot metal, epoxy, 3D materials, the list goes on.

The work service and customer service you will receive here at Metal Fusion Plating is unlike any other business, let alone plating shop. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our employees are as passionate as we are about this trade and this business.

Custom plating, large plating projects, re-plating, chrome stripping, sandblasting, polishing...

Whatever your needs may be, we can meet them.

The below video takes you through the main steps of our plating process, allowing you to see the final product from start to finish.

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